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Quick Start Offer for RelayFM Listeners

Complimentary Quick Start Roadmap


Get a free quick start roadmap for your cyber-security program!


Sometimes, cyber-security can feel like a neverending source of anxiety, and with so much information, so many attacks as well as some unnecessary hype, it's hard to know exactly how to get started.

Caffeine Security has teamed up with Relay FM to offer listeners working for a small or medium organization (under 501 employees) a free cyber-security program quick start roadmap.

This complimentary offer consists of:

1. A consultant reviewing the information provided in the form below.

2. Reaching out to plan a follow-up meeting, and to ensure we invite the right people on your end.

3. Producing a suggested roadmap of the next activities or improvement themes we recommend for the next 12 months, based on the information we acquired during the meeting.

As consulting only scales linearly, only the first five listeners of each sponsored show will be able to benefit from this offer.

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Knowing the size of your company allows us to prepare better. Caffeine Security works with organizations of all sizes, but this offer is for small and medium businesses.
Only the first five listeners per sponsored show can receive this complimentary offer.
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This allows us to make recommendations that are actionable. Select all those that apply, and any not listed can be referenced in the next question with a free-form text field.
Please provide 3 different hour long time spots available in your schedule for us to speed up scheduling. Ideally, those spots would be available in your schedule no sooner than in a week, and at most, about a month away.